Dermaroller HC902

Dermaroller HC902


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The Dermaroller HC902 has been developed for microneedling treatment at home and is used to improve the skin structure on the face.

You can already experience how softer, fresher and healthier your skin becomes after just three to four applications of the roller during the week – depending on the individual skin texture. The fine microneedles keep the pores open and in doing so, prevent the build up of sebum and the resulting inflammations. They stimulate the development of the epidermis, improve blood flow and microcirculation. Your complexion appears more even and youthful. Its short microneedles of 0.2 millimetres in length penetrate exclusively into the top skin layer (epidermis). Treatment with the Home Care Dermaroller HC902 is therefore virtually painless.

Key Benefits:

  • ensures a radiant complexion and a clear skin tone
  • removes dead skin cells
  • opens blocked outlets of the sebaceous glands
  • can reduce blackheads and spots
  • can reduce pores
  • stimulates the skin’s own production of collagen
  • promotes blood circulation
  • the original product with the best needle quality – Made in Germany
  • can be used for up to 1 year
 How to Use


Correct application of the Home Care Dermaroller HC902 is crucial to obtain good results. Follow these steps and your skin will improve after just the first few applications.

  1. Cleaning the skin: You must thoroughly clean the skin areas to be treated before using the Dermaroller HC902, meaning you can prevent the penetration of bacteria in the top layer of the skin. We recommend the New Natural Line Skin Cleanser for this.
  2. Star-shaped application: Apply the Dermaroller HC902 over the skin areas to be treated using a little pressure. In doing so, roll horizontally, vertically and diagonally across the skin. Roll four times back and forth in each case.
  3. Make sure that you lightly stretch the skin using your fingers so to optimally reach smaller wrinkles and hard to reach places.
  4. Application of care products: Allow 10 to 15 minutes to pass so that your skin is able to recover well. Then apply a suitable care product. The Dermaroller products from the Hyaluron series are especially suitable. They supply your skin with concentrated hyaluron and plump up your skin from the inside out.



It is especially important to clean the Dermaroller HC902 properly after finishing each treatment, since this ensures hygienic use of the roller.

First rinse the roller head under running, warm water and lightly shake the Dermaroller dry. Then spray the roller head with the New Natural Line Roller Cleaner four times and allow it to dry briefly before you place it back into its original "Jewel Case". This ensures that the sensitive microneedles do not lie down and you ensure a long usage life of the roller.

Packaging unit: 1 roller with 9 needle rows (162 microneedles) at 0.2 mm in length incl. jewel case

Shelf life: Usage of up to 1 year is possible with regular and thorough cleaning as well as storage in the original jewel case.